Dentists are busy.

Salespeople sit in the waiting room.

Hoping for even a moment of the dentist’s time between patients…

it’s not gonna happen!

…unless the dentist thinks the product will make their practice more successful or save time.

How do I know?

I’ve assisted many dentists, heard their comments after telling them a salesperson was waiting…

…and told many salespersons

…the dentist was just too busy to see them.


the dentist already thought the product would make him more successful.

How will he know that?

Let me help…

Emphasizing the benefits and features of your products… how it  makes more money or saves time for the dentist.

The dentist will make time for your salesperson.

Hi, I’m John Sickler, a B2B dental copywriter with 22 years dental clinic experience.

Together, we can increase your profits, make your marketing easier and more effective.

I understand the needs of dentists and the products they buy from manufacturers.

I’ve worked as a customer services representative for a dental sales company , a military dental assistant, clinic manager and medical manufacturing supervisor.

You want more business, but how to get into the minds of your dental customers…Work with someone on the ‘inside’.

Together, we can get your products and salespersons moving again.

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Tap into my dental industry experience to write for you the following;

Email marketing-short, descriptive emails to your customers from an experienced user
Case Studies-Stories of your product meeting dental customers’ needs
Brochures -highlighting your dental products from someone who has used them
Blogs/Articles-keeping your customer informed of new dental products

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About John

Getting to know John
I was born in Elmer, New Jersey, a small farming community between the Delaware Memorial Bridge and Atlantic City. Here is a short glimpse into my early life of accepting challenges…

Farmer Blossom

On the farm, I learned the value of hard work and working together to get the job done.

Through my growing up years, I saved my earnings to buy a new motorcycle, car and tuition at a one-year Bible Institute after high school graduation.

Later, I joined the United States Air Force as a dental assistant. For the next 23 years, I worked in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, South Carolina, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Italy.

I worked all of the specialties to include dental surgery in the operating room. Those years had a tremendous impact on me, “I came to understand and appreciate people from all walks of life. I saw more similarities than differences between us and the joy of working together as a successful team.”

As the dental superintendent of a clinic of eight dentists, I had a surprise inspection by an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspector. A personal $10,000. fine could be assessed if warranted.

A disgruntled employee had alleged work practices were threatening her health.

An all-day,  thorough investigation included interviews of the staff, the base safety officer and the base commander.


The inspector found all practices were safe, staff members had been trained and operating procedures were correct.

This cemented in my life to always do the right thing for it will withstand the strongest scrutiny.

I’m a freelance copywriter, specializing in B2B for dental manufacturers. Together, we can do the right thing for your customers.

Let’s talk.

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What Others Say

The dental industry can be stressful, I can help reduce your marketing stress with who I am as a person and my experience.

Big smile and kindness! Tai S. K., Fairfax, VA

The most sincere man I ever met in my whole life. Dayton K.-Fairfax, VA

Even-keeled; he doesn’t seem to get rattled by external circumstances even when they are wrong.  Committed—He sees things through to the end.  Charles H, Elmer, NJ

 Loyal to family and friends, contemplative, can always be counted on. Kay A. Richwood, NJ


Why waste your time with other writers who have no experience with your products, let’s connect to get your salespersons back to work…

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