Are your salespeople stuck in the waiting room?

Dentists are busy.

Salespeople sit in the waiting room.

Hoping for even a moment of the dentist’s time between patients…

it’s not gonna happen!

…unless the dentist thinks the product will make their practice more successful or save time.

How do I know?

I’ve assisted many dentists, heard their comments after I told them a salesperson was waiting for them…

…and told many salespersons

…the doctor was just too busy.

Unless…the doctor already thought the product would make him more successful.

How will they know that?

That’s where I come in.

Emphasizing the benefits and features of your products… how it will make more money/save time for dentists.

Trust me, the doctor will make time for your salesperson.

Hi, I’m John Sickler, a B2B dental manufacturers’ copywriter with 22 years dental clinic experience.

Together, we can increase your profits, make your marketing easier and more effective.

I understand the needs of dentists and the products they buy from manufacturers.

I’ve worked as a dental products company customer services representative, a military dental assistant, clinic manager and medical manufacturing supervisor.

You want more business, but how to get into the minds of your dental customers…Work with someone on the ‘inside’.

Together, we can get your products and salespersons moving again.

Call or email me today.


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